Friday, January 23, 2009

Making Alphabet Points sneak preview

Making Alphabet Points has been posted. At least the first four pages. The final page will be posted with the final game on Thursday evening (PST). I am finding that I am having problems with the block system that I switched to. While it is easier to attempt to set aside a block of 4 hours then an entire day, the big problem I am still having is getting into the flow of development. With a whole day this is not too much of a problem as a few hours into the work I am getting into the flow of development and able to get a lot done. With shorter blocks, I am finding that my initial productivity is slow and by the time I get to the point where I am getting into the flow, the block of time I have allocated has been used up. I am also running into the problem of things popping up causing me to have to change my schedule, but that was an even worse problem with the single day method.

The question then becomes what the solution to this is. I am not entirely sure. Perhaps I should allow myself to break the work down into smaller blocks which can be spread out even more with the theory being that I would only do the work when I was in the right state of mind to do it and if something does come up then I can stop the partial block and pick it up later. I will decide what I will be doing with episode 3 after I have posted episode 2 Thursday evening.

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