Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aphabet Points released

The finished version of Alphabet Points has been released on Blazing Games. While testing the site today, I did notice that there was some issues so I may do a 1.1 release to fix those issues. I haven't decided on this yet.

For episode 3 I have decided that I will simply track the hours and once a week post the latest functional build to the site with the work notes up to that point. While I will still be limiting myself to under 24 (preferably under 16) hours, I am hoping that working in smaller chunks when I am in the mood to work on that project will result in higher productivity and better episodes. The games will still technically be created in under a days worth of hours, just that day is broken up into more convenient chunks. No idea yet what that game is going to be, but I will probably start on it this weekend.

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