Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weeks like this inspired One of those Weeks

Not a good week for me. Though I have posted the open source release of episode 24 of One of those Weeks. I have also posted the Making of One of those Weeks chapter that covers the creation of this episode. As the title of todays post suggests, I have not been having a very good week. This streak of putrid awfulness started on Friday when something really bad happened that I was asked not to blog about happened. To be honest I really wanted to write a post about what was going on just to get it out of my system but it is not programming or game related so perhaps it is for the best.

Needless to say, Saturday was a perfect day to do a Game in a Day challenge, but due to what happened on Friday I knew I would not be able to concentrate enough to do the challenge. Perhaps this weekend, but I kind of doubt it.

Monday through Wednesday were not bad, other than continued worrying about Friday's event, and with all the phone calls and company and other tasks I was unable to get any work done on any site games. The rest of this month is pretty much ready to go, but next month might be lacking in content. I know some of you are saying, "You mean the other months weren't lacking in content!" I am trying to keep the content levels up but running a game site in your spare time when you are developing the content yourself isn't the easiest of challenges.

Today I somehow managed to post the content, and considering that I am still alive I should actually consider today to be an exceptionally good day. Step ladders can be very dangerous things. This is especially true when you have placed them in an unsafe position due to the fact that it happens to be the only position where you can reach the area you need to reach. After finishing what I was doing I went to climb down the ladder and somehow lost my balance and fell off the step ladder. Nearby were some cement stairs which I then proceeded to fall down a couple of steps of. I don't know how I managed to stop myself from falling down the rest of the steps and breaking my neck but I did. The pain I felt in my right leg made me immediate think that I may have just broken my leg. After sitting down for a few minutes the pain subsided. There is no swelling or bruising but it is still sore especially if I try to turn my leg. Walking on it doesn't seem to bother it at all, however. If it is still sore tomorrow I might see my doctor and have it checked out.

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