Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shut the Box is open for play

The final version of Shut the Box has been posted on Blazing Games. This posting includes the development diary that regular readers have had a sneak preview of. It also includes downloadable source code for anybody who wants to play around with the code. It was written in Flex so anybody who has a copy of the freely available Flex SDK can play around with my code.

There are still four games to go in the Dozen Days of Dice series and as with other games in this series, they will be completed in a day. That is to say that each game is finished in a single day, not that I will finish the last four games in a single day. I have no idea of when I will take a day to create episode 9 but it will probably be sometime this month. I will probably have early access to the design diary once I have written the game.

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