Saturday, March 22, 2008

Classic Light Box posted to repository

The classic light box release candidate has been posted to the repository. The game core, of course, has had some minor changes made to it as a result. In particular, to allow for the beams to be seen in the modern version of the game, there is a new function that returns all the beam segments from a beam being launched. The other function that has been added to the core is a test function. This is a batch testing function which launches a beam through every slot in both the original box and the player's box and compares the outputs returning a list of slots that do not match. While this functionality didn't necessarily have to be part of the game core, it is something that both the classic and modern versions of the game need to do so putting it into the core made sense. This game will be posted on Blazing Games in April. Work on the modern version will continue, but probably not until next weekend.

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