Thursday, June 7, 2007

Magic Coffee Beans

The results from last week's Blazing Game poll are in. Roughly 75% of the voters wanted magic in the game but didn't feel it was needed in the 0.2 release of the game. Of the remaining voters, 75% of them thought that magic should be a must-have feature of the 0.2 release. This means that I will try to have magic in the 0.2 release, but it will not be a release-delaying factor, so if I am finding that implementing it is taking too long, it will be delayed for the 0.3 release.

The poll for this week should prove to be interesting. For quite a while I have been putting 10 hours a week towards the project of my visitors choosing. Whenever a Coffee Quest game is on the vote, the results are heavily favored towards the Coffee Quest game. Other projects only win due to vote accumulation over multiple votes. For that reason I am thinking that perhaps I should have a bigger focus on Coffee Quest. I would still finish all my other projects, but Coffee Quest games would alway be worked on for 10 hours a week.

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