Thursday, May 17, 2007

One of those Bugs

My original plans for this week was to release Modern Dungeon Romp. After finishing the feature list I talked about last week, I started playing the game with the goal of making sure I could play through the entire game. I figured this would be a fairly simple final test as I have played through the game a few times before I made my list of changes. Still, when you are making a lot of changes, you can break things. Something was definitely broken. I worked my way down a few levels when the game stalled. I am not sure why but suspect it is a side effect of the changes. My first goal is to re-create the stall so I can figure out where the problem is occurring. I'll blog when I have more information on this.

Something had to be posted, and while my making of episode 14 has yet to be posted, looking at the calendar revealed that if I posted chapter 14 this week then I would have to post One of those Weeks Episode 27 next week, even if I found the bug. I don't want to delay visitor's choices unnecessarily, so in order to make sure that I delivered episode 27 this month (and episode 28 next month) I released the episode today. If the bug is fixed then next week will be Modern Dungeon Romp otherwise Chapter 14 will be released.

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