Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Modern Dungeon Romp functional code posted to repository

A fully functional version of Modern Dungeon Romp has been posted to the repository. If you want to play this early release you will have to compile the program yourself, as it will not be released on Blazing Games this week. Tomorrow's release is actually going to be a Mother's Day animation that I put together. The Mother's day animation that is going to be released did not take up any of the twenty hours that I allocate to Blazing Games. The Dungeon Romp game will have some additional features and there is a bug that I discovered. The changes I will be making will be the addition of a title screen, the reduction of the dungeon size so that the top and bottom of the dungeon will no longer be cut off, the map will be hidden, the graphics will be adjusted, and the new game bug will be fixed.

The title screen, while not that necessary, is a nice finishing touch. It also makes death in the game more interesting, as when you die, the title screen will come up where you will be able to choose from new game, or continue from marker. The title screen class already exists so this will actually be a fairly minor change.

The change in the dungeon size will also be a minor change. Right now the 16x16 dungeon size is just one tile too tall for the resolution used. The new version will use 16x15 floors, so the entire dungeon will fit on the screen. An alternative would be to use slightly smaller (30x30 instead of 32x32) icons, but I prefer having my icons 32x32.

The new hidden map feature will hide the areas of the map you have not explored. This will add an additional exploration aspect to the game. This will also mean that you will not be able to plan your route to the items and exits, and avoiding monsters will be more difficult.

The graphics will be touched up so that the monsters no longer blend into the floor. I am also going to try to make the background look more like a series of caves. This has the added benefit that it will make the game look distinctly different from Modern Melee Combat.

Finally, I will be fixing a bug. Right now, if you finish the game (or die and decide to start a new game) the new game starts you with all the spells that you have memorized. This bug fix will clear out the spell list when you restart the game. While this bug fix will also fix this problem with the classic version, I probably will not bother to re-post the fixed version of the classic version of the game unless someone actually complains to me about it.

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