Saturday, July 6, 2019

Chapter 7 Overview

One nice feature of card games, is that once you have created a card game you are able to take advantage of existing assets and code to handle the cards so that creating other card games in the future is easier. In this chapter we are going to take advantage of this in two ways.

First, in ``Creating the Card Movie'' we are going to create a card movie. This movie will have frames for all the cards in a deck and will be able to display any specified card. While fairly simple to build, creating a deck of cards is a time-consuming process. Thankfully, we only need to do it once. After the card movie has been created, you simply need to drag it into the new Animate CC project to use it in other card games. You could also place it into a common library.

Next we are going to create some JavaScript classes. For the most compatibility, which probably is not that big of a deal as most browsers in use support ECMAScript 6 JavaScript code, we are going to use the older and most compatible way of creating classes. In ``Creating the Card Class'' we create the class for handling the cards while in ``The Importance of Testing'' we test this class.

Test driven development, which is a very common practice now, does things the opposite way so in ``Test Driven Deck'' we create the tests for a deck class and with the tests ready to go actually create the deck class in ``Creating the Deck Class''

Once we have these classes created we will be able to build our Video Poker game.

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