Saturday, November 3, 2018

Coffee Quest Trilogy Plans

The Coffee Quest (CQ) series started off as an attempt to create a web-based role-playing game using the then-new Java programming language. Java, while a very successful language in many areas, failed in the browser and has been replaced by JavaScript using HTML5 components and CSS3 style sheets. This tends to be collectively called HTML5. My original plans for porting to HTML5 was to simply use an engine that supported HTML5  and finally get around to getting my CQFS engine working by building off the back of another engine. I started experimenting with the Unity engine but really do not like that engine. Then I remembered that for a game jam I participated in back in 2012 that I started working on a FPS version of Coffee Quest. That existing work, while still in an early development stage, would be perfect for the first three games in the series so I decided I would do a Coffee Quest Trilogy game that would combine the first three games into a single package. As this game is developed, the individual episodes will be released on giving visitors to my site early access to the game.

The enhanced HTML5 version of the game will be mixed-time combining both real-time and turn-based play. I may make the option of an FPS mode where the game would be fully real-time. Each game in the series will have multiple episodes to reflect the different maps, and possibly a number of new maps, that will be made available. I have not decided if in the final game to lock the maps and require players finish other maps to unlock additional maps or if to make everything accessible. A third option would be to have all the Coffee Quest 1 maps initially unlocked to the player and once they have finished any of the maps, to unlock all the Coffee Quest 2 maps. Once a Coffee Quest 2 map has been completed, then the Coffee Quest 3 maps would be made available.  

My ideal release plans, which knowing history are very unlikely to work out, are as follows:

Quarter 1 of 2019 would be the release of the Coffee Quest release candidate with a new map (or two). The goal here would be to have a better automap, better quest status area, and the ability to click on the automap to bring up a full-screen map screen.

Quarter 2 of 2019 will hopefully be the beta release of the Coffee Quest 2 module which introduces monsters and inventory to the game. The Coffee Quest series uses the concept of conditions to weapons where the weapon deteriorates in quality over time and will break if the weapon or armor deteriorates too much. One change that the enhanced version of the game will have is that picking up additional copies of the same weapon will simply improve the quality of the weapon if you already have that weapon instead of filling up slots in an inventory.

Quarter 3 of 2019 will hopefully be the release candidate version of Coffee Quest 2 with a new map and enhancements/fixes made to the game.

Quarter 4 of 2019 would be a new Christmas game using the CQ-Trilogy engine.

Quarter 1 of 2020 would be the beta of the Coffee Quest 3 game which would introduce multi-floor towers.

Quarter 2 of 2020 will be an easter-themed game using the CQ-Trilogy engine.

Quarter 3 of 2020 will be the final build of the Coffee Quest 3 module.

Quarter 4 of 2020 will be the beta release of the combined game and will have some new maps as well as a halloween themed game.

If I fall behind on one of the quarter objectives then I will release additional maps for that quarter’s release. This would delay the final release of the game by a quarter. If things go smoothly I will finish the enhanced version of the original Coffee Quest Trilogy by the end of 2020 but odds are there will be a couple of quarters that I will miss so most likely this project will not be completed until 2021 or 2022 in the worst case situation. Depending on my situation once this project is completed, I will look into doing a similar project for the porting of Coffee Quest 4 and the final creation of Coffee Quest 5 and 6.

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