Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lots of Jam

The next few weeks are going to be interesting as there are a bunch of game jams that I am thinking about participating in. The mini-Ludum Dare this weekend is a game based on the real world. I have a simple but interesting idea for this game. What I haven't decided is if I am going to do the game in Flash or in JavaScript. I do want to move away from Flash and towards HTML5 but I am far more productive in ActionScript.

Shortly after that is the Game in Ten Days #30. This is a longer duration challenge which actually puts me at a huge disadvantage. Clearling out a weekend is something that is easily done.  10 days, not so much. People who have 10 solid days to work on a project will clearly be able to do better than 10 part-time days so winning the prize is probably not remotely likely. Still, if the theme is interesting then it may be worth losing my weekends and evenings. Besides, I really should start trying to take advantage of Kongregate which is something I have never done.

After that challenge is another week-long one. As there is no prize other than a completed game there is no real disadvantage to working on it in my spare time. That said, my plans for this are not to create a new game but to create a JavaScript sequel to a Java game that I created. As a lot of the game logic exists, this should be fairly quick to implement, and I really do want to start porting all of my older Java games to HTML5 especially since there seem to be a lot of vulnerabilities with Java lately.

As I created a twitter account for the One Game a Month challenge, I will post frequent progress updates to my twitter feed, not that anybody actually cares. Still, I figure there may be somebody who does decided to follow me on twitter and if not I will have a record of my work for my personal use if I get around to writing postmortems on any of these challenges. 

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