Thursday, September 1, 2011

DDTe3 Hour 10 - Spin Puzzle

The spin puzzle is similar to the twist puzzle except that the tiles surrounding the tile clicked on are the ones that move counterclockwise. As with the previous puzzle, this one was very quick to implement. In fact, this game was finished in under half an hour!

The spinning mechanism is very similar to the twist mechanism but more so. To make it easer to get my coordinates straight, I took a piece of paper and created a 3x3 grid and wrote the offsets in the grid as the following table demonstrates.

-1,0* 1,0

Instead of the 4 way swap that was implemented for the twist puzzle, this game will use a 8 way swap.

PuzzleGallery.SpinPuzzleGame.prototype.performTwist = function(p)
   var temp = this.puzzle.getPuzzlePiece(p.x-1, p.y-1);
   this.puzzle.setPuzzlePiece(p.x-1, p.y-1, this.puzzle.getPuzzlePiece(p.x, p.y-1));
   this.puzzle.setPuzzlePiece(p.x, p.y-1, this.puzzle.getPuzzlePiece(p.x+1, p.y-1));
   this.puzzle.setPuzzlePiece(p.x+1, p.y-1, this.puzzle.getPuzzlePiece(p.x+1, p.y));
   this.puzzle.setPuzzlePiece(p.x+1, p.y, this.puzzle.getPuzzlePiece(p.x+1, p.y+1));
   this.puzzle.setPuzzlePiece(p.x+1, p.y+1, this.puzzle.getPuzzlePiece(p.x, p.y+1));
   this.puzzle.setPuzzlePiece(p.x, p.y+1, this.puzzle.getPuzzlePiece(p.x-1, p.y+1));
   this.puzzle.setPuzzlePiece(p.x-1, p.y+1, this.puzzle.getPuzzlePiece(p.x-1, p.y));
   this.puzzle.setPuzzlePiece(p.x-1, p.y, temp);

Finally, the click had to make sure the position clicked on can spin and the scrambling method had to be adjusted to insure the coordinates are valid. With those simple changes, another game has been completed. My next game in this challenge will be a bit more complex as it will not only require a new view class be created, but also a new coordinate system though surprisingly the BasePuzzleModel will remain unchanged!

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