Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thirteen Spikes Unlimited 1.0

Thirteen Spikes Unlimited is now finished and has been on the Blazing Games site since Friday the 13th. As I have mentioned before, there was some plans to port the game over to HTML 5. ActionScript and JavaScript are very close as they are both variations of ECMAScript. This makes the game logic very quick to port, even if JavaScript does not have as nice of class or variable support as ActionScript. The other thing that ActionScript has that JavaScript lacks is the Flash library. Because Flash was created as a streaming vector animation system, this library is greatly tied to graphics and animation. The HTML 5 Canvas simply does not have these classes, but there would be very little stopping someone from writing them. In fact, to implement Thirteen Spikes Unlimited, only a small subset of the class library would be needed.

This would require a bit more time than I have, so the port to HTML 5 didn't happen and instead themes, campaigns, and sound were added to finish off the 1.0 version. This does not mean that the next Friday the 13th won't have a HTML 5 version of this game. That would be May of 2011, so depending what is happening with my current projects (one which may be doomed) this might be an interesting project. So, while Thirteen Spikes is finished for now, it may resurface in the future.

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