Sunday, July 25, 2010

Plans for the remainder of 2010

I am about to embark on a rather interesting third-party project while continuing my own project so the amount of time that will be dedicated to the Blazing Games site will be reduced in the short term. The third-party project will probably appear on Blazing Games once it is done as will my own project but as both of those are large-scale projects. Thankfully, 3 of the 5 months are mostly done, one of the months can be done in a day, and the final one can be reduced from 4 layouts to 2 layouts.

I really don't like posting my release plans as things have a way of changing quickly causing my plans to be altered. Still, I suppose it won't hurt as long as it is clearly understood that these plans are subject to change without notice.

The August game will not be released until the 13th as it is the 1.0 version of Thirteen Spikes Unlimited. I am thinking of porting it to HTML 5, but am not sure about that plan now that my time has been reduced even further. September will be the final episode of Dozen Days of Words. October will be the Vampire Attack 2 open source release. Thoughts of porting to HTML 5 are there but again I doubt there will be time. November will be a couple more Tarot layouts. Finally, Dungeon Romp Christmas Edition in 3D will finish off the year.

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