Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa vs the Evil Gnomes beta release

I was going to have the first two maps of the Santa vs the Evil Gnomes game, but as there is no save feature so players would have to replay the whole thing so I just left the first level in there. The full game, which I hope to finish this weekend, will have 3 maps. The story is not as good as I hoped due to time limitations and what could be done with the rpg/3D engine that I am using. That is why I was glad that most people who answered my poll voted for a longer release between games as that will allow me to make better games. I am also planning on enhancing some of my older games so if there is a particular game you like that you think deserves some enhancements email me (webmaster at blazinggames dot com works). There was only one vote for never updating the site. In the unlikely event that the person who made that vote is reading this, I would love to hear your reasoning.

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