Thursday, November 12, 2009

.8 Unlimited Spikes

My Thirteen Spikes Unlimited (TSU) game has reached the age of 0.8 which means that it is getting close to be complete. This release adds a construction set. Any levels you create in the construction set are saved using "Flash Cookies" but I haven't figured out a way of transferring the levels. I am honestly thinking that the only way sharable levels will be doable will be to create an air version of TSU. Version 1.0 will allow selectable skins, have multiple campaigns that the player can choose from, and the high score will be campaign dependent. If anybody has other ideas for features, email me and I will consider them.

In other news, Google has released their Go programming language. It is still in very early stages but seems interesting. Of course, there is an obscure programming language named Go already, so the name may be temporary. Go2 is not likely as the goto statement is considered to be evil by language purists as programs that make extensive use of that statement are messy and resulted in the term spaghetti code.

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