Thursday, October 8, 2009

Making One of those Weeks Chapter 35 posted

The arcade based dream sequence that makes up One of those Weeks episode 35 is covered in this weeks posting of Chapter 35 of One of those Weeks. This is the episode where you dream of being in a space ship surrounded by blue screens of death. When you blast them with your laser, they divide into four smaller blue screens. If you blast them until they are small enough, you can destroy them. While the source code was opened up last month, I have had too many other good things to release so the chapter has been delayed quite a while. The open source releases and making of chapters are being used as filler which I will release when nothing more substantial is ready.

It is Thanksgiving this weekend. At least in Canada. While I have plans, I still hope to have enough time to do episode 10 of Dozen Days of Words. If I do finish it, then it will be the game released after part two of Vampire Attack next week. If it is not finished then expect the open source release of One of those Weeks episode 36.

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