Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Final Fantasy IV after-effect

I probably should have posted the sneak preview to Dozen Days of Words episode 6 on Thursday, but I was busy playing Final Fantasy IV: The After Years on my Wii. While I would not call myself a big Final Fantasy fan, the game has been eating up my evenings. Now that I have finished the main quest and the first optional quest, I am finished until the next downloadable chapter is released. So I have gotten around to posting a sneak preview of Word Slide which is located at . This game will not have an offical link to it until friday, but if you cut and paste the above URL into your browser address bar then you can play the game early.

Now, back to Final Fantasy and my thoughts. The biggest problem I have with console role-playing games is that there are way too many encounters. In fact, saying that there is way to many encounters is probably a gross understatement. The game is episodal which is kind of a neat idea as instead of paying for the whole game, you only pay for the episodes that you want to play through so if you can't stand a particular character then you can skip their story. Of course, each of the chapters is a separate purchase though 300 points is relatively cheap. Because the game is episodal, most of the chapters are not initially available though will be released over the summer. This is kind of annoying as I have to wait until more chapters are released before continuing the game but is also kind of good as I would still be playing the game if all the chapters were available right now. Spreading the game out over a few months will keep the gameplay more interesting as you probably won't get sick of the game before you finish a chapter or two but would if you played through 8 chapters at once.

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