Thursday, October 16, 2008

Modern hotdog stand released

Today the Modern version of Hotdog Stand was released. While I may have a strategy guide for the game in the future, today I am just going to talk about the underlying simulation. Granted, understanding how the simulation works will probably give you all the information that a proper strategy guide would so if you want to finish the game without looking at a strategy guide then you may also wish to stop reading the rest of this article until after you have completed the game.

The heart of the hotdog stand simulation is the customer. After all, it is customers who purchase the hotdogs that are being sold in the game. The number of customers generated depends on a number of factors. First, there is the location that the player has chosen. This determines how many people will be there. Of course, different numbers of people will be present based on the time of day so that is factored into the chance that a customer will appear. If there is advertising for that day, an additional percentage of customers will be added to this base amount. All of this is added together and forms the chance per six seconds that a customer will appear.

When a customer does appear, the customer takes a look at the store. Based on the sign that is being used, the customer makes a first impression decision as to if they wish to consider purchasing something from the stand. If they are going to buy something, the customer then randomly selects which food combo they wish and what their price range is. If the food combo is under the price range then they will attempt to buy the item. If there is enough ingredients to make the requested meal then a purchase is achieved. If not, then the customer will divide the impression of the hotdog stand in half and make another attempt at analyzing the stand. This keeps up until the customer is not interested in the stand, in which case the reason given for not buying something (costs too much or not available) will be the result.

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