Thursday, June 19, 2008

Snakes and Lawyers released

I was actually hoping to have time to do another pass on the game that was posted today but never had a chance. Still, this is more of a story based episode with it being very easy to get through the episode but can take much longer if you are the type of player who wants more details rather than simply reaching the end of the episode. Of course, I am talking about One of those Weeks episode 39:Snakes and Lawyers.

Right now I am rather exhausted even though I never accomplished much today so I am going to keep this post short. I am sure some players are going to be complaining about my Medusian race. My theme behind this was that this race had previously visited Earth where they tried to impress the barbaric humans by creating status of them. These superstitious people mistook this peaceful gesture and assumed that the Medusa was some type of evil monster that turned people into stone. Making matters worse, the thick snake-like tentacles that make up their hair really gave the humans the impression of a monster. A warrior named Perseus killed this peacful ambassador and the legends of the Medusa then came to be. This is fiction, but I think it is a really interesting idea which is why I had it in the game.

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