Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Landing Bay has Landed

One of those Weeks episode 38 has been posted to Blazing Games. While I was thinking of dropping the RSS feed and having just a single blog, I have decided that the two different blogs serve different people. The site rss feed simply alerts people to the fact that some new content has been posted, while this blog goes into more detail about what I am working on and details about how the games on the Blazing Games site are created.

One of those Weeks, as I have mentioned a few times before, started out as an outline for a novel that I was going to attempt to write but for some reason (insanity most likely) I decided to make the story into a multi-episode adventure game. While some deviations from the original story outline had to be made, for the most part I am following my story outline while somehow managing to come up with game-like puzzles and activities. There is not that many episodes left, but still a big twist in the story. A fair number of people still seem to be playing the episodes so the twist in day 5 probably didn't destroy the game. Still, it would be nice to get feedback but I guess Blazing Games is just too small (in number of visitors not site size) to get that much feedback.

I still have my hopes that I will be able to finish the remaining episodes by the end of the year. This shouldn't be a problem as I have a few of the remaining episodes ready already and have started on some other episodes. With everything that has happened lately I know that nothing can be guaranteed.

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