Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 released.

Modern Light Box was just posted on Blazing Games. I was originally going to post a strategy guide for Light Box today but then I found out that Ubuntu 8.04 LTS was officially released today so I decided to change the topic for today. Actually, when I think about it, perhaps giving readers a chance to play the game and figure out their own strategies before giving them mine might be the best way of doing things anyway. I will probably post the strategy guide next week. Today I am going to talk about Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a distribution of the Linux operating system. Linux is a free open source operating system that has become a major contender in the operating system space. Like OSX, Linux is a version of the Unix operating system but unlike OSX you can run the operating system on any computer you like. One arguable downside to Linux, however, is the fact that there are a number of different distributions, each with it's own advantages and disadvantages. Ubuntu is a distribution that is focused on making Linux usable by everyday people in addition to all the geeks that gravitate towards Linux. It has grown quite a bit in popularity which is good. Not only can you download the distribution for free, the disks can also be ordered and they even have a program where you can obtain the disks for free.

This is the part where I describe the latest version, except I can't. While I have tried a couple of times to upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04, the demand for the upgrade is so high that just like the Nine Inch Nails Ghost download (they have just released a new single that is freely downloadable from the website), I can't get it. I am sure that in a day or two all the situation will have calmed down and I will be able to upgrade my Linux machine. If you are interested, you can go to to get your copy. It would probably be best to wait a few days before doing so.

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