Thursday, June 26, 2008

Canada Day Long Weekend

Just in time for the Canada Day long weekend (July 1st is Canada Day) I am posting Classic Monster Hunt. This is an interesting game as the games that it was based on predate the text adventure and computer role-playing games yet this game has elements of both types of games. The map for this game is very simple, though I am considering creating additional maps for the modern version. In fact, depending on the weather this weekend I am hoping to finish the modern version of monster hunt so that it can be released early next month.

If the weather follows normal long weekend rules and is miserable, then I am going to attempt at least one game in a day challenge for my Dozen Days of Dice series. This will be a very interesting day as I will be developing the game in Flex so that it will be compilable with the freely available Flex3SDK. On the other hand, if the weather is actually as nice as it has been the rest of this week then I will be lucky to finish off the modern version of Monster Hunt.

In other news, I have had Wii Fit for about a week. For someone out of shape like me, I think the product makes doing daily exercise more tolerable. So far I have kept up with the exercises and to my surprise have found the Yoga stuff to be much better than I expected and think that I enjoy those exercises the most. I don't know if there will be that much more software that supports the balance board, but if Wii Fit helps me stick with an exercise program then it will be worth the price.

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