Thursday, July 3, 2008

Putting Day 6 to Sleep

I have posted tomorrow's game and the schedule for July on Blazing Games. The final episode for One of those Weeks Day 6 is the game that we are starting the month with. In addition, I also released a special bonus to readers of the development blog, which you will find the link near the end of this post. The game concludes with your trial. Win the trial and you get a chance to earn your Medusian citizenship. Lose the trial and you will be considered a large pet. Large pets are not allowed on the space station so if you are deemed a pet, you will be put to sleep.

The month of July is actually quite a nice month for releases. What is strange is that the first two weeks contain medusas in them. This was not intentional, and I only placed Modern Monster Hunter -- which was released on the repostitory on Canada Day -- in that particular slot because I wanted it released as close to the classic game as possible. I could have had it released this week, but want One of those Weeks releases every other week and next month has five fridays in it so the release days for One of those weeks were kind of locked in.

Dozen Days of Dice episode 7 was completed on June 28th. This was my first Flex based game that I completed in a single day and only one of a few projects that I have developed in Flex. As such I did run into a problem that happened to strike right in the beginning of development. It is explained in the making of Hearts development journal, which I have decided I will give readers of this blog early access to. You can read the planning section and pre-alpha sections of the making of Hearts right now and additional sections will be released in the upcoming weeks.

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