Sunday, March 9, 2008

Springing Foreward

It is that time of year, at least in Canada and the US, to move the clocks ahead one hour. This reminds me of a Wii Vote poll about peoples preference towards setting their clocks back an hour or ahead an hour. I voted for setting the clocks ahead an hour but was in the minority. I suspected I would be as most people prefer an extra hour of sleep. My thoughts, however, revolve around the timing of the change. If you are moving the clock back an hour that means that winter is near, where as if you are moving the clocks forward an hour it means that spring is on it's way. I can already see most of my lawn and suspect that the lawnmower will be making it's appearance really soon. I don't mind cutting the lawn because it is good exercise, and exercise is something that I should be doing more of!

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