Monday, March 10, 2008

Light Box game changes

It has been quite a while since I worked on the light box game which is part of the Ultimate Retro Project. While the code that is there seems fine, the big problem I had when reviewing the game was some minor issues with the way the game was going to work. I have decided to make a few minor changes to how the game would work that as a result makes the game significantly more interesting to play. First, instead of having an opaque area as one of the sides of the prism, I am instead allowing the light through but reducing the intensity of the light by a slight. Likewise, changing the direction of the light will reduce the intensity of the light by a slight amount. Splitting a beam, on the other hand, will have an obviously large impact on the intensity of the light. The bigger change is that instead of trying to figure out where the prisms are, the goal of the game is going to be to create your own light box that has the same outputs as the source box (though intensity levels are not important, just what slots the light comes out). The code to do this is not quite ready, but hopefully I will be able to post it next Sunday.

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