Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

First, happy Easter everyone who celebrates it. While I was originally going to post a sneak preview of my Sudoku Generator (yes, it is in a functional state though as usual I am behind in writing the articles related to the development), the Easter bug bit me and I simply had to quickly make an Easter game. This was actually a fairly quick development as I took my Santa's Search game and my Evil Eggs games and simply merged the two. As I am the copyright holder for both games, I have no need to release the source code though plan to in the future.

The random egg generator from Evil Eggs was used to replace reindeer but this actually proved to be more difficult than originally anticipated. The difficulty came from having the inventory eggs match the pattern picked up. This resulted in a clone feature added to the egg generator. When designing the map, I opted for a much smaller 16x16 map as I felt the 32x32 map made the game play too long.

Still it is amazing how quick I was able to get this game finished despite unexpected problems. I think a lot of the speed has to do with familiarness with the source code.

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