Saturday, November 17, 2007

Repository thoughts

I decided that even though it is a large blob of code that I would post all the code for Modern Maze to the repository at once. I know that I should post to the repository more frequently but don't want to post code until it is fully functional. I suppose I could create branches, but it is far easier to have it on my local repository and only post to the real repository when I have final code. That being said, I am considering switching my local repository over to git, which has the great advantage that hosting a git repository is much easier than hosting a CVS or Subversion repository so I would be able to do so on The disadvantage of git is that it is still largely a Linux thing. As more Windows and Mac tools come out, the decision to switch will make more sense. If I had something called "time" then I would probably contribute some towards developing cross-platform tools as it would be an interesting project. I'll review the code that I posted starting Monday, unless something more news-worth comes up.

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