Friday, July 6, 2007


I started writing this blog last night while I was in bed. I never finished because when I rested my eyes just for a moment, I opened them many hours later. For those of you who were wondering, my laptop is on a fold-up table beside the bed. It's now my lunch break so I figured I would finish writing what was supposed to be yesterday's entry.

The results of the Blazing Games weekly vote are in. Considering the number of votes I got, you could consider the results to be unlucky. 77% of the voters said I could take my vacation immediately. 15% said that I should finish Coffee Quest Revenge 0.1 before taking my break. 8% said I shouldn't take a break and 0% said I should wait until after summer. This means that I will be spending the next couple of weeks getting caught up with everything with the only Blazing Games related activity being posting the site on thursday evening and an occasional blog post.

Last post I mentioned that there was an important omission on my description of tiles. The number used to represent the tile holds a number indicating which tile image to use. This means that each tile needs to have an 8x8 image attached to it. That means that the tiled image still needs to contain image information. If all 1024 tiles were unique, you will not have saved any memory at all. Thankfully, most games repeat the same chunks of graphics many times so you can save quite a bit of memory.

There is a lot more you can do with tiles other than saving memory on graphics. We will be looking at these advantages in future posts.

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