Monday, July 30, 2007

Making One of those Weeks episode 15, part 2

If you have not solved the episode, the solution is fairly simple. First you pick up the rock that is in the room that you start in. Then you head west (left) and pick up the stick. Next you head to the far eastern room (right twice) where you can use the stick on the tree in order to get a walnut. The nut still has it's husk on it. You can try giving the husked nut to the squirrel, but it won't accept it and you will lose points doing so. Instead head back to the room with the big rock in it. Put the husked nut on the rock. Use the rock on the husked nut. Pick up the walnut and then give the walnut to the squirrel.

Once the ending sequence is shown, you are taken to the scoring screen. Scoring is done as follows:

  • 5 points for getting the walnut out of the tree
  • 5 points for putting the walnut on the rock
  • 5 points for using the rock on the walnut to remove the husk
  • 5 points for giving the walnut to the squirrel
  • -5 points if tried to give husked walnut to squirrel
  • -20 points if squirrel forced to kill you (yes this can happen)
  • -5 points if squirrel was forced to give you more than one warning to keep away from oranges

The lowest possible score that can be achieved is -25. There are two ways of dying in the episode. The easiest way is to simply throw a rock at the squirrel. While I do not track this action (way too much work would be required as I would have to have the game make a call to a server side page that counts the number of hits it gets) I suspect that a large percentage of the people who have played the episode tried doing this if only to see what happens. That is one of the nice things about games is that the consequences for your actions can be erased by simply re-starting the game. Sometimes I wish that the real world had a restart button. Anybody lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family already knows, it already has cheat codes.

The other way of dying is simply by pissing off the squirrel by not heeding it's warning. If you try to grab an orange three times, the third time the squirrel will make a lethal throw. Picky people might notice that it throws a rock for this and may point out that it has no way of getting your rock. My answer to this is to point out the obvious fact that there is more than one rock in the universe and that the squirrel obviously is smart so has a rock with it just in case Colbert (you will have the opportunity to meet Colbert in a future episode) pesters him.

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