Saturday, March 23, 2019

Nightmare Maze Overview

In the flash version (as well as my original draft) of this book, the adventure game material was near the end of the book but as the game is fairly simple from a programming perspective, I have decided to move it to here. Nightmare Maze is actually the first episode of a 46 episode series called One of those Weeks, which I hope to be redoing using a 3D engine sometime in the future.

In "Planning the Adventure" we take a look at how the game was designed. Adventure games tend to break areas that the player can visit into rooms, with the word room being a generic concept so outdoor areas are also referred to as rooms. For this game, all the rooms in the game are in fact rooms so the next step to the creation of this game is "Building the Rooms" which covers the techniques used to build the rooms used in this game. While it is a little but unconventional, it works for this game and the basic concepts are the same for other adventures.

While it is possible to have an adventure game that exists in a single room, such as a puzzle room, our game requires movement between rooms. I am not taking about adding doors to the room, though they are what the players use, I am taking about the underlying code for moving players between rooms. This is covered in "Linking the rooms"

While mazes are often enough, for this game we have a villain, who also happens to be in all the other dream sequences in this series, so in "Enter the Nasty" we cover the mechanism for getting the villain to appear. This obviously leads to "Losing and Winning" where we cover how to handle the nasty getting the player as well as the opposite but related player escaping from the nightmare.

With the game finished, this only leaves "Final Touches" where the title screen for the game is added. This covers what we will be doing over the next six fortnights, but the game is already on so feel free to play the game while you wait for my sections on how the game was created.

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