Thursday, May 2, 2013

Loot Run Postmortem

While I did not particularly like the theme of Ludum Dare #26 as  it was far too general, I did have Saturday free to work on so I created a quick game. To me minimalism means eliminating all that is unnecessary. For games, this means graphics and sound. The idea is to focus on the essential gameplay. Loot Run is a platform game done entirely with text.

What Went Right

Keeping with the theme, I wanted to keep the gameplay as simple as possible while still being fun. While scrolling would have been easy to do, keeping levels limited to a single screen seemed to fit the theme better. The player needs an objective. Collecting money is a very obvious motivation and is something that most players can relate to.  Having just the environment as the obstacle did not seem like enough so monsters were added. While the original plans called for title, instructions, winning and about screens, it became obvious that these things could be integrated right into the game levels.

What was Both Right and Wrong

Using just text was the right decision, but in hindsight it would have been more efficient to use a canvas with the letters as a tile set. This would have resulted in a lot less garbage collection. While this had little impact on the game, knowing that all the needless garbage collection is happening does bother me. For those not familiar with JavaScript, let me briefly explain.

JavaScript strings are immutable. This means that every time you modify a string you are actually creating a new string and essentially dumping the old string onto the garbage heap. When there are enough dead strings lying about the garbage collector gets called and frees up the memory. As generating a frame results in numerous dead strings, this is not very efficient. It is kind of ironic that faking strings by using tile-maps would have been more efficient.

What went Wrong

The controls for the game were probably the biggest problem. The method I used was to track whether keys were up or down and during the main event loop adjusting the player based on the keys. For most games this would be fine but because I am only updating the frame every 150ms this can result in too big of a lag between the players key press and the processing. For instance, if a player hits up to jump and releases the key within the 150ms it is possible that the jump will be missed. What I should have done is had an array for next actions as well as key states. The next action would have been set as soon as a key was pressed, and every interval the actions would be ORed with the keys that are still down.

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