Saturday, June 26, 2010

Developing a video game without a "computer"

As I am heading off on a short trip today, I wont have time for a proper post. I am not taking my laptop but instead will only have my iPod Touch. This got me wondering if it was possible to develop a game using such a device. There are no IDEs or compilers that run on the iPod, but it does have a text editor and source code is just text. This would mean that if I am unable to find a computer to use, I can still create code that can be tested later. In a situation where the idea for some clever code is in my head, I can get it down before forgetting. Of course, entering text on the touch is not a great experience, but in a pinch it should do.

This then leads to the question of JavaScript and HTML 5. The iPod Touch and iPhone have the Safari browser built in so it would be possible to run an HTML 5 game on the Touch. If you have a site hosting service that lets you edit your pages live using a browser, then you could develop a game using an iPod Touch or an iPhone if you were desperate enough. I don't think I would ever get that desperate, but it is a good think to know.

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