Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dozen Days plans

I am doing something different with the last two episodes of Dozen Days of Words. Instead of using FlexSDK to create the last two episodes, I am switching to HTML 5 and JavaScript. To make this transition a bit easier on me, episode 11 is going to be a ported version of my Java CircleWord game. I am sure that some of you are going to consider this cheating, but really CircleWord is a must-have word game and I have already written it so writing it again doesn't make that much sense. That said, porting the game actually took a bit longer than I thought it would so I didn't have the time for the enhancements that I was planning. The final game in the series will be written from scratch.

Once Dozen Days of Words is done, the next series of Game in a Day challenges will have to be started. Right now I am leaning towards Dozen Days of Tiles as this would allow for a variation of Sudoku as well as Mahjong and Dominoes. These are three games that I really want to develop and I think it would be possible to break the elements of these games down into a set of other games allowing me to build up to these games. These are fairly common games so there is no money in trying and develop commercial versions of any of these, so the Dozen Days project would be a perfect fit for them. The next series will obviously be HTML 5.

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