Thursday, June 11, 2009

Word Slide Official

The Word Slide game has now officially been posted. Bigger news, at least for those of you who are interested in RPGs, is the next game that will be posted July 3rd. My Dungeon Romp game is going from 2D to 3D. Of course, it is just a beta but I think it is fairly stable. I am sure a lot of you noticed that again I am going 3 weeks between releases, but this time it is Google's fault :-). Their second android application contest is starting and I am considering entering something into the contest so want to actually have some time to properly develop my android game. Sadly, their rules forbid releasing the applications that are being entered into the contest until after the contest is over so my game will not be released until after the contest is over if I actually finish it and enter it into the contest. I know my chance of winning anything is very low, but I think it may still be worthwhile to enter.

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