Thursday, April 16, 2009

Growing Words

I was planning on having a sneak preview of this release last week but I ended up taking the Easter long weekend off for a much needed recharge. I do hope to have a sneak preview of the next Dozen Days of Words game if it is in a playable state early enough. Growing Words is a semi-original game were you have a list of words that you have to build and a board containing some letters. Each turn you can move a letter. If you fail to form a word with your move, new letters sprout up. The number of new letters is dependent on the difficulty level.

I really like this game and wish that I had a lot more time to add a bunch of new features and play modes. For that reason, I am going to develop a deluxe version of this game. This development is kind of unique as it is the test project for a non-browser platform that I am experimenting with. While this means that many of the people who visit my site will not be able to play the deluxe version when it is done, it is always possible that I will port the deluxe version to other platforms if the experiment proves successful. More details on this when I am close to being done, assuming the project ever gets that far along.

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