Thursday, December 4, 2008

December Scheduled

Making of One of those Weeks chapter 28 has been released as has the open source version of One of those Weeks episode 28. In addition the schedule for the month has been posted. Lets quickly go over the schedule and on Sunday I will start taking a look at my 2009 plans.

Christmas Romp is not the Christmas game that I was planning last year and had to delay. I am going to have to delay that again as I just have too many other things on my plate. In it's place, and using scaled down versions of some of the artwork for that future game, is going to be Christmas Romp which is a new version of Dungeon Romp but with Christmas themed weapons and monsters.

The final Dozen Days of Dice game has not been created yet. I hope to do that this weekend but with other things still potentially stopping this, it may not be created until next weekend or even delayed and done live on the site. I do have a good idea of which dice game I want to do for this game, though may change my mind when I finally sit down to create this episode.

Finally, the month ends with the final episode of One of those Weeks. The game has been worked out but the game is not completely finished yet. In particular the ending sequence has not been finished. It is a bit more extensive than in other episodes so I do hope that I have the time to do it properly and not have to skimp on it. And yes, "The Carmachoc Secret" is the real title for the episode.

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