Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hotdogs and Knees

The classic version of Hotdog Stand has been posted on Blazing Games, I came close to having a breakdown, and my doctor told me something that I never expected to hear in my lifetime. While I do plan on writing a series of articles explaining how my hotdog stand simulation works, which would also act as a strategy guide for the game, I am really not in the right state of mind to do that at this time, but will eventually do so. The interesting thing about hotdog stand is that the classic version is almost as much fun as the modern version. I just wish it was as easy to earn money in the real world as it is in this game. Then again, I suppose that is part of the reason we play games.

The family situation is still going on and I am still not talking about it. It is quite stressful, and has really had a negative impact on how much coding I have been able to accomplish. When you take into account that in addition to next month's games, I have some third party projects that I am working on, coding slowdowns are not a good thing. One of these projects is actually something that I can talk about, but right now am not in the right state of mind to do so meaning that the announcement will be made next week if I remember.

My knee injury did swell up slightly and I had a disturbing incident with my knee giving out. I went to the doctor and she told me something that I never expected to hear from a doctor. "It is actually a common sports injury." While I am sure there are many programmers who are also athletic in nature, I am not one of them. Essentially I was right about the injury but in addition I bruised the menisci, and may have torn a ligament. I am suppose to let it heal for a couple of weeks and if I am still having problems may have to see a specialist. After a week, it is actually quite good. While my knee gets sore when I use it too much, I can walk just fine. Stairs, however, still bother me.

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